A Special Date Night

Last night marked the end of what had been a particularly exhausting and gruelling week, and so it seemed only apt to take some time out to enjoy some of the finer things in life; an opportunity to switch-off, and relax and chat without so many of the burdens that had worked themselves into the daylight this week. In this instance, Amelia’s daddy and I decided on a visit to one of the restaurants that has been on my Bucket List for years. Amans in Worsley.

The restaurant’s interior was absolutely beautiful; so much more so than I was expecting. Lilac and white, with touches of black, made up the colour scheme, and everywhere was just so decadent, from the ceiling-to-floor circular and diamond-shaped droplets, to the crystal lighting, rose-patterned tablecloths and Wedgwood cutlery. It was the perfect setting for our first Date Night.

Amans’ gold- and purple-adorned menu.

Poppadoms with mango chutney, lamb tikka and seekh kebab starters, lamb tikka masala and chicken madras with pilau rice… It was all so delicious. I wouldn’t hesitate at returning—and, in fact, I probably will, with Faye in tow, in the not-too-distant future.

My pretty baby pink patent courts—perfect Date Night shoes

My pretty baby pink patent courts—perfect Date Night shoes

After dinner, we went for a Starbucks, where we spent an hour chatting before going back home. It was the perfect evening and the perfect Date Night.


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