Udemy: My Portal to Teaching

Even writing the title to this entry caused butterflies to burst into life in the pit of my stomach…

Teaching. It was always my dream career as a child: I wanted to grow up to be an English teacher or work in the book publishing field, and then after work I wanted to go home to two little girls and a house filled with cats! It is something that crops up in conversation with my eldest daughter on a regular basis: we laugh at how I have built a life so closely aligned with that dream, where the only difference is that I became an English Copy Editor and owner of a publishing house rather than an English teacher! But perhaps now that is about to change—at least to some degree.

Of course, prior to getting involved in the editing arena, I considered the prospect of teaching, but a lack of confidence in public speaking and even in front of groups led me down a different path. Even now, the idea is completely nerve-racking. However, when I came to paraphrase Dr X’s report today, the answer came to me like a bolt of lightning in the night sky—like a true sign from the universe. It was right there in black and white: Udemy.

Dr X described in her paper the relatively new and innovative concept of e-learning and how online courses are facilitated and offered through countless universities and teaching platforms across the world. Of course, this had me immediately reflect on Notebook Academy, and how I’ve had the goal of establishing an academy providing proofreading and copy editing courses (which, I have found throughout my career, are high in demand). The author went on to discuss six of the most popular course systems—and No. 2 on that list was Udemy. A brief description was provided (and, notably, prior to this, the lightning bolt had not struck), but it was then, when reading that Udemy allows professionals to create courses, to devise educational resources and materials, and to teach on their area of expertise, that I realised: today has been all about redirecting my path and encouraging me (daring me, even) to take my career and bring to life another branch, leading off in an altogether new and completely unexpected area.

I completed my morning contracts, did the preschool run, and whilst sat in the preschool car park had the quickest glance at the Udemy website. I read an overview on becoming a lecturer for them, and that was when that firey excitement began to burn in my stomach. Ever since, I have struggled to focus on work.

Of course, there is no doubt: I love my job. I love editing and paraphrasing, publishing and writing, and I hope never to have to sacrifice or be forced to move away from any of these areas of work and passion. But that isn’t to say that I should ignore any additional opportunities—and especially not when they create such a flutter and make me feel so motivated.

Having spent this evening researching and looking further into the world of Udemy, I realise there will be a lot of work involved in creating my course and making it available to students across the world—I will need to learn about video production and editing, and the same with audio—but the reward and the sense of achievement I’ll feel from that will be immense and so worth the time and effort. And there is, of course, the added fiscal benefit considering the courses are paid for by the students that enrol. Moreover, the fact that Udemy shoulders the task (or common challenge!) of promoting the courses, it becomes a very attractive option for diversifying my career and revenue.

How strange to think this morning I woke up as I always do but that tonight I’ll be going to sleep feeling inspired and motivated, enrolled as a student on a new career-relevant course and also considering a new branched-off role as a lecturer. The potential in each day is absolutely incredible. You never know what the day will bring, and there’s never any guarantee it will end as it started.



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