France: A Dream, A Past Reality, and a Future

France has been a dream of mine for so long. Initially, it was a pipe dream; something I wanted but never really explored in my mind to any significant degree. But then, in 2012, it became a reality when my family and I made the decision to sell everything we owned and travel Europe—first stop France. And of course, we fell in love with it, with everything… The culture, the landscape, the beauty, the way of life. Everything was perfect. And so we decided to stay.

But it wasn’t our time and things went wrong, and so we returned to the UK. And now, three years later, it seems each of us is in a place to consider where we went wrong, how it can be rectified, and whether it’s worth trying again.

The time I have spent alone with my girls has given me so much time to consider what I want from life, where I want to be, how I want the picture of my life to look. There have been a number of things I have wanted to achieve, but in terms of the final lens of my life, I have wanted to be back in France. But should that be an impossibility, for any reason whatsoever, there was the back-up plan of buying land here in the UK and building my dream home.

Yesterday brought my dreams to the forefront and became a topic for discussion, and, all of a sudden, my two plans (Plan A and Plan B) phased and became one.

Building a house in France is without so many of the legal hassles and restrictions that are implemented in England—and the cost is a mere fraction of that here. To think that we could acquire a plot of building land, with consent to build, spanning acres and with magnificent views, utilities and road access for approximately £12k, it’s almost a no-brainer. And then to begin a container house project build would require perhaps another £10k. It puts everything into perspective: what we are working for, what we are living for, what we want to achieve.

I want to be able to take my foot off the gas; I work so many long hours. If my home was owned outright and there was no mortgage, so much pressure would instantly evaporate. And then with fewer working hours comes a vast improvement in our way of live: free time spent however we choose, working on projects, writing, drinking French wine as the sun goes down. It’s all about about achieving the life we want—and that means daring to build it.

Amelia’s daddy and I plan to sit down soon, along with the eldest, and discuss how we can work towards achieving this goal. This will be the first serious discussion on how we can go about this. And then it’s all about moving forward—and documenting the journey (be sure to search the Dreams and France categories to quickly locate all posts on the subject).

Already at this stage, I’m so beyond excited. My dreams could really begin to become a reality—and in the shortest time!


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