Today is Easter, and with the burst of Spring—symbolic of new life, growth and potential—I have been investing my time and efforts in many different ventures, as well as in expanding my already-bursting portfolio.

Recent weeks have been a struggle for a number of reasons, and I have had to let go of so many things that were close to my heart. But I’m a big believer in Fate and the philosophy of everything working out as it should, and so I am allowing my path to continue to be paved in its current direction, knowing everything will fall into place eventually.

However, Fate sometimes needs a little push, and I can’t allow myself to tumble into the plans of anyone else. With this in mind, I have looked to my future in the past 1–2 months, and come to see that I am flowing with the mainstream, and it isn’t what I want. This has given me a much-needed injection of motivation and encouragement to pursue what I need for my life. That means making changes and working harder than ever before so as to allow retirement at 40 years old and the creation of a life that, whilst not in France and my idealistic picture, can be a close substitute.

This Easter morning, I have relaxed and spent time on myself. But now, I sip coffee and get back to the tasks at hand.

At present, I am enrolled in Ben Angel’s 30-Day Programme, geared towards both implementing change in present businesses and also completing a successful launch for new ones. Last night, I completed some of the tasks outlined in his articles, and already I am looking at a far more polished product with my main business. Broken links have been fixed, a new Checkout process incorporated, copy and language amended, copyright updated. There are a number of other changes I want to make, with the entire site refreshed; for now, however, these minor changes mean prospective clients are looking at a business that is very clearly in operation. I can imagine I have lost business prior to making these changes.

The key activities I need to carry out are centred on my third business, which is my baby, and which, although already launched, has not received the attention (due to a lack of time) it has needed in order to be successful. But the next 30 days will change this.

In another vein, my Udemy course is in progress, and soon will be live; I have a deadline of April 13th. If completed before this time, I will have fulfilled their Newcomer Challenge, meaning I will receive some much-needed exposure for my course. All being well, I can meet the deadline and achieve my goal of becoming a lecturer for one of the world’s biggest e-learning entities.

With all of this said, evidently, Easter and the coming of Spring marks a very exciting time for me!


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