The Colours of my Dreams

How my dreams have changed. The colours used to shine so brightly, so vibrantly. France. A quiet house in the beautiful French countryside. A relaxed way of life. An altogether different culture. Evenings watching the sun go down as my daughters play. But now... Now my dreams are grey and russet, and centre on danger. I dream of safety. Of anonymity. Of seclusion and even isolation. I want to … [Read more...]

The Sunrise

I have experienced a number of pivotal moments in my life; many different life-affirming and life-changing points. There have been events and different experiences that have caused pause for thought, that have forced me to reflect on and question and muse over a spectrum of different things. So much of my younger life I spent focused on negatives, on repeating and retelling old stories of woe and … [Read more...]

New York: Hotel Booked

Yesterday, I booked our hotel for New York, and the feeling is not only exciting but also so surreal! I have always wanted to visit New York, but, for some reason, it was something I just didn't get round to doing; it felt like an unnecessary extravagance (which, I suppose, it is!) and I told myself I couldn't afford to do it (which wasn't entirely true!). But then I woke up one morning and asked … [Read more...]

France: A Dream, A Past Reality, and a Future

France has been a dream of mine for so long. Initially, it was a pipe dream; something I wanted but never really explored in my mind to any significant degree. But then, in 2012, it became a reality when my family and I made the decision to sell everything we owned and travel Europe—first stop France. And of course, we fell in love with it, with everything... The culture, the landscape, the … [Read more...]