To Lose Yourself

Life is a progression. It is a journey we are set on without our own consent but which we continue to tread without even knowing the end destination or when we'll get there. We don't know what twists and turns our path will take, or the number of crossroads we'll reach, or which turns, if any, lead in the right direction, or even who will join us as we aimlessly wander or determinedly stride. We … [Read more...]

French Toast Mornings

When we become mummies, we quickly learn to think of everybody else first, to prioritise others' needs and feelings, and to take control of the little things that need doing, whether laundry, day-to-day chores, or cooking. We become the carers in the family unit, and that is something that is a sudden and dramatic change that doesn't seem to want to revert at any point. We reason that you can't … [Read more...]

Is It February So Soon?

How quickly the first month of 2016 has flown, and already we find ourselves in February. Here, February has descended with bitter-cold winds but gloriously bright sunshine. It is the perfect combination of Winter and Spring—very apt when considering tomorrow is Imbolc; the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. In some ways, I can't help but wonder if I spent my … [Read more...]