New York: Hotel Booked

Yesterday, I booked our hotel for New York, and the feeling is not only exciting but also so surreal! I have always wanted to visit New York, but, for some reason, it was something I just didn't get round to doing; it felt like an unnecessary extravagance (which, I suppose, it is!) and I told myself I couldn't afford to do it (which wasn't entirely true!). But then I woke up one morning and asked … [Read more...]

A Special Date Night

Last night marked the end of what had been a particularly exhausting and gruelling week, and so it seemed only apt to take some time out to enjoy some of the finer things in life; an opportunity to switch-off, and relax and chat without so many of the burdens that had worked themselves into the daylight this week. In this instance, Amelia's daddy and I decided on a visit to one of the restaurants … [Read more...]