The Colours of my Dreams

How my dreams have changed. The colours used to shine so brightly, so vibrantly. France. A quiet house in the beautiful French countryside. A relaxed way of life. An altogether different culture. Evenings watching the sun go down as my daughters play. But now... Now my dreams are grey and russet, and centre on danger. I dream of safety. Of anonymity. Of seclusion and even isolation. I want to … [Read more...]

French Toast Mornings

When we become mummies, we quickly learn to think of everybody else first, to prioritise others' needs and feelings, and to take control of the little things that need doing, whether laundry, day-to-day chores, or cooking. We become the carers in the family unit, and that is something that is a sudden and dramatic change that doesn't seem to want to revert at any point. We reason that you can't … [Read more...]

A Special Date Night

Last night marked the end of what had been a particularly exhausting and gruelling week, and so it seemed only apt to take some time out to enjoy some of the finer things in life; an opportunity to switch-off, and relax and chat without so many of the burdens that had worked themselves into the daylight this week. In this instance, Amelia's daddy and I decided on a visit to one of the restaurants … [Read more...]

Late-Night Ice Cream

Living life in mind of the little things is a principle I have actively implemented in my everyday living during recent years, with a number of different life events and experiences changing my perspective and the general foundation of my days. It isn't unusual for me to make last-minute plans, to steer away from routine, to consider alternate ways of spending those moments that arise and scream … [Read more...]